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Real Stone. Not Fake. Craftstone is New Zealand’s only BRANZ appraised Real Stone Veneer. Beautiful and cost effective real stone cladding. Why settle for less.

Craftstone have been involved in many award winning homes over the years. Please see one of our latest examples here http://www.houseoftheyear.co.nz which is a Gold Medal Award Winner in the 2015 House of the Year. The home is in Mosgiel Dunedin, and the owners chose Craftstone SchistClad Basalt Grey. I’m sure you will agree that the result is stunning.


Also please visit our newest display at 157 Domain Rd, Papamoa if you are in the Tauranga area (inside the garden centre).


We have supplied stone for jobs as varied as small fireplace surrounds & letter boxes to larger projects such as Auckland Zoo and the 1500+m2 or Basalt Grey Feature Schist Panels used on the Ellerslie Oaks reclad.


Stone is always a durable and stylish option when selecting the cladding for a home, landscaping or commercial project, feature schist walls or schist fireplaces, indoors or out. Craftstone is only produced from genuine quarried stone, not fake looking coloured concrete, and is by its very nature far more durable than fake products. Additionally in most cases Craftstone schist cladding is around half the price of traditional whole schist applications, is far faster to lay, and with far less wastage, saving both time and money.


Craftstone is also considered an environmentally friendly alternative compared with traditional full thickness schist applications. Due to its thickness every ton of full thickness stone will only cover 3-4m2 of walling, whereas the same weight of Craftstone will cover 16 – 20m2. This means the resource is managed in a much more sustainable manner. Furthermore freight to site is correspondingly far cheaper with Craftstone due to the reduced weights being transported.


Use of schist stone veneer is also proven to add value to any project. Where renovating it has been shown that adding a stone feature such as an entry wall or column or perhaps cladding a boundary wall in stone will increase the value of the property far in excess of the costs of doing so. It may be as little as one of Craftstone’s modular real stone letter boxes that will add the street appeal you need in order to stand out from the crowd.


If you are recladding why not take the chance to upgrade to a real stone finish. In Auckland the Craftstone Real Stone Veneer System is mandatory for reclads according to the Auckland Council. They do not accept any other stone system for reclads and will always knock back applications that do not specify Craftstone. From this you can see the regard which Auckland Council has for Craftstone. In Christchurch the additional peace of mind offer by the Craftstone Anchor system cannot be overstated. Craftstone is in fact the only reinforced stone veneer in New Zealand today.


Craftstone has applied extensive and rigorous testing to our system, and we have the history to back it up. We have developed and tested our system and products first and foremost in order to ensure public safety and so that the integrity of the system will stand the test of time.


Craftstone meets the weather-tightness requirements of E2/VM1 testing. During installation Craftstone is finished with Craftseal sealer for long term waterproofing protection. The Craftstone Real Stone Veneer System is ULS Extra-High Windzone tested and compliant and has passed Seismic Rack testing for earthquake resistance.


And because any job is only as good as the installation, Craftstone should be applied by Craftstone’s network of fully licensed, trained and approved contractors. Producer statements and workmanship guarantees are provided.


Unfortunately there are a number of fly by night companies popping up in the market that will try to sell you stone that has not been tested and with no installation system or untested and non-complaint systems. Be warned, tile adhesive or site mixed sand and cement is not suitable for stone veneer applications. These guys will take your money and run. When the issues appear, such as leaking homes due to no waterproofing having been done, or stone falling off and potentially hitting your children, they run a mile and leave you with the mess.


Councils are committed to shutting these cowboys down but inevitably some will slip through the cracks. All we can say is ensure you are dealing with a reputable company that has done the hard yards, has completed a recognised NZ testing program such as BRANZ, and can show full building code compliance. Don’t be tempted by fast talkers and deals that are too good to be true. It never ends well.


Craftstone is available nationwide and comes in a variety of options, colours and textures to suit any requirement including Schist Clad loose stone, Schist Clad Panels, Feature Schist panels, Crazy Pave Mats, modular Column Blox, Letter Blox and capstones.


What does all this mean for you?

Simple. Specify Craftstone Real Stone Veneer as your stone of choice on all plans and projects, and have the confidence that you are not only saving yourself a great deal of heartache but are specifying the best, and safest, stone system available!


Please view our latest display at 157 Domain Rd Papamoa (inside the garden centre). You can also view at our North Shore showroom weekdays 8.30am – 5pm http://www.craftstone.co.nz/contact-us as well at the Auckland or Christchurch Home Ideas Centres http://www.homeideas.co.nz/products/outdoor/landscaping/craftstone-1 or through you local installer.


Architects please refer Masterspec 4272C


Craftstone products are available through selected building supplies merchants nationwide or from your local Craftstone Agent. For information on your nearest agent, or to request a free quote or estimate phone 0800 63 8899 or visit www.craftstone.co.nz